Polished Layers

Fall is here and you know what that means- layers!

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is the ability to layer! I got this sweater vest at Forever 21 about two weeks ago and immediately started thinking of ways to style it. I wanted to make the vest the statement piece of my outfit so all black was the way to go.

A fitted black turtleneck with fitted black pants was the perfect counterbalance to the loose, flowy tan vest. I kept my accessories simple and small to maintain the overall sleekness of my look. Overall this is the perfect way to stay comfortable yet polished this fall season!

signature .PNG


IMG_7674 (1).jpg


Outfit Details

Vest- Forever 21

Pants- H&M

Turtleneck- Forever 21

Earrings- Nordstrom

Necklace- H&M

Bracelets- Kate Spade

Shoes- Bamboo

Purse- Kate Spade

Sunglasses- Forever 21


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