Sunny Bundle

Fall and winter bring forth my favorite fashion trends- sweaters, boots, scarves, and turtlenecks!  

By living in Southern California my entire life, I have come to understand that sometimes our warm and sunny weather doesn’t give me the opportunity to bundle up as much as I’d like (C’mon SoCal, all I want for Christmas is more cloudy, cool days!)

So this calls for some improvising. I got this sandy coral turtleneck from Madewell on sale about a month ago. The first time I wore it I got lucky because it ended up being a very foggy and cold day (Santa granted me my gloomy wish early this year). I wore it with boots, jeans, and a jacket. The second time I wanted to wear it, it wasn’t quite as cold so I decided to switch it up to still make this cozy turtleneck work with the sunny weather. I paired it with a dark jean skirt I got from Target and leopard flats I got from Old Navy.

At first, I was a little apprehensive about the look. I feared that it would be too warm throughout the day or that it was simply an outfit that didn’t mesh well. Thankfully it ended up being the perfect combo! The coziness of the turtleneck was a good counterbalance to the breeziness of the skirt. Plus, by adding my go-to leopard flats, my favorite Fossil watch, and a small satchel, it gave the outfit a more casual preppy look.

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