Cozy-ing Around

What happens when it gets “freezing” cold in So Cal? We bust out our cozy sweaters!

To be honest, when I first bought this long sweater I got it with the sole intention of wearing it lazily around the house with my sweats and fuzzy socks. But then one day when I got rather cold at work (to be honest, I’m always cold at work because my desk is under an AC vent!) I busted out this sweater from my car and layered it on top of my work outfit. To my surprise, it gave the outfit a trendy winter twist while keeping me super cozy and professional.  

This long sweater is the perfect version of a coat for us California Girls. Not only is it light and warm, but it is also a great neutral color that goes well with most outfits. Dress it up like I did for work, or make it more casual with a pair of jeans and a tee.

So next time you see that fuzzy long sweater lying around in your closet, wear it out because it may just become your favorite winter fashion piece!

signature .PNG




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PS- Check out the name of the shoes 😉

           Capture 14Capture 16 Capture 17Capture 12






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