Maxi to the Max

Maxi Skirt + High Waisted Shorts = MAXI SKORT!

I remember when I bought this 2 piece outfit about a year ago. I had no idea where I would be wearing it, I just knew I loved everything about it. I’m usually not very comfortable wearing crop tops or showing too much skin but with this 2 piece combo, I decided to take a daring risk!

One of my favorite aspects of the ensemble is the maxi skort (yes, I just made up that phrase haha). Everything about it just meshes perfectly. The pair of high waisted shorts underneath combined with the maxi skirt adds a bit more of an edgy, whimsical effect to the entire look. Let’s not forget about the leg slit which contributes just the right amount of sexy and provides some flare with every step. 

Whether it be a mellow wine tour with your girlfriends or a trendy Coachella weekend getaway, a maxi skort crop top combo is the way to go.

signature .PNG




Shop the Look

The maxi skort set above is sold out but I have linked a similar one below


Capture 21Capture 20 Capture 23Capture 24

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