Top Coat

Rainy days in LA are very rare but that doesn’t stop this California Girl from having half her closet filled with winter and raincoats!  

One of my all-time favorite fashion purchases has been my tan trench coats (yes plural!). I searched for years for the perfect one that when I finally narrowed it down to a great selection I couldn’t pick between two styles! So I decided to get two- one rainproof that is a bit on the longer side (pictured here) and another shorter one that is double breasted and less rainproof.

For this look, I decided to put together a preppy ensemble. The pearlized blue colored blouse layered with a knitted off-white sweater gave me chic mom vibes which I am all for. When it’s chilly layering is your best friend. Top off those layers with a tan trench coat and you’re ready for a chic day out!

signature .PNG





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