Best Food Places in London

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One of my favorite things about this last time that we visited London was all the food places we were able to visit. The first time I visited London I found my schedule jammed packed with visiting all the touristic landmarks and areas that when it came to food, I settled for whatever was around. Unfortunately, most of the places I ate at were not great. Either the food wasn’t tasteful/ filling, it was extremely overpriced, or the service was not ideal.  Therefore I knew that this time around when I visited London, I wanted to be able to experience decadent food with mesmerizing atmospheres and service. So I did some research and made some reservations. I have to say all these great food places made all the difference!


9 Conduit Street

Reservations- Yes

  IMG_1505  img_44651.jpg

When I did my London dinner research this was the place that popped up the most! Make sure to make reservations because this place is always packed. I would suggest sitting in the ” The Gallery”, also known as the Pink Room, for your dining experience.  If you are there waiting to be seated I would recommend grabbing a cocktail at one of their multiple themed bars.

Favorite part – The ambiance was so unique and trendy. The pink on pink with artwork all over the walls was a perfect artistic mix of girly and abstract. The staff was dressed very fashionably and very polite.  Also, their restrooms were like nothing I’ve ever experienced! They are located inside egg-shaped pods and are illuminated with bright colorful lights. Quite the experience!

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

195 -197 King’s Road, Chelsea

Reservations- Yes

IMG_4457  IMG_4458

My initial allure to dine at this place was based on their outdoor decor but unfortunately, we missed the spring decoration by a week! Nonetheless, this has to be my favorite London restaurant! The Ivy Chelsea Garden is the perfect mix of relaxed sophistication.  There are three sections to the restaurant- indoor, fireplace patio, or outdoors. We dined in the fireplace patio which was the best! It was dimly lit with candles and windows which showcased the London rain as we dined.

Favorite part– Honestly everything about this place was my favorite but if I had to pick one thing it would be the food! All the dishes we had were so tasteful and perfectly crafted. We especially loved their dessert selection. Big plus, everything was fairly priced for such great food. Would definitely dine here again!


Aubaine Selfridges

400 Oxford Street Selfridges (2nd floor)

Reservations- Yes

 IMG_3329.JPG  IMG_4459

This restaurant is a hidden treasure (literally)! It was a mission to find since it’s located inside the Selfridges department store, but it was worth the hassle. Making reservations is a must if you would like to sit at the back end of the restaurant. It is known for this decorated space and it would be hard to get a seat without reservations. I would suggest eating here for breakfast or lunch since their menu isn’t too extensive in comparison to other places we dined at.

Favorite part – The decorations! The back end of the restaurant is decorated with lavender flowers draping from the ceiling.  One wall is lined with rustic mirrors while the other has huge windows that overlook the streets of London. This is clearly a blogger’s dining paradise!

Dalloway Terrace

16-22 Great Russell Street

Reservations- Yes

 IMG_4460  IMG_4461

Another restaurant where my initial allure was based on the floral decorations I had seen online. This restaurant is set in the heart the historic Bloomsbury, London’s literary center. It is a beautiful indoor-outdoor space that is perfect for a cozy dinner for two. A small warning, it’s a bit more on the pricey side.

Favorite part – The themed decorations. The indoor area has darling green garden decorations with black and white striped ceilings, very posh!  Also, we received our check in a book which was a cute trinket that alluded to the literary neighborhood theme.

Farm Girl

59A Portobello Rd

Reservations- No

 img_3332.jpg  img_2872.jpg

This Australian style cafe was a great way to end our London trip.  It has holistic and healthy breakfast options including many substitutes for any dietary restrictions. They are also known for their eccentrically decorated coffee drinks.  Needless to say, this a great spot for brunch.

Favorite part– Quick and helpful service. Although it appeared we were going to have to wait over an hour to be seated due to the busy brunch crowds, we were seated within 30 mins. We told our waiter we were in a bit of rush and she understood and was very accommodating. We got our food quickly and even had time to spare to explore the surrounding neighborhood!

Hope you enjoyed the list! For videos of the places check out the “London” story on my Instagram.  Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions of food places you’ve visited in London.

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