Places I Visited in Oahu, Hawaii


This past Memorial Day weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Oahu, Hawaii for the very first time. Fun fact- when I was in the 6th grade, my mom and I were going to go to Hawaii for the first time. But the day we were supposed to leave I had to be rushed to the hospital and get an appendectomy. So needless to say, I was so upset that we weren’t able to go that time and had been dreaming of visiting ever since!

In order to save money, we decided to stay at an Airbnb about a 15-minute walk from Waikiki beach. If you’re on a budget Airbnb is the way to go but personally, I would suggest staying at a hotel along Waikiki beach. All the extra amenities a hotel entails (AC, pools, beach chairs, reserved beach areas, 24/7 towel access, etc) is completely worth the extra charge.

We experienced a variety of adventures from hiking, shopping, scuba diving, and exploring various parts of the island. Below is a list of my favorite places that we visited.

Olive & Oliver 

This is an adorable little coffee shop/ boutique located in the lobby of a hotel. The interior is cutely decorated and they offer a decent selection of caffeinated beverages.  The clothes and accessories are on the pricier side so if you want to go shopping be prepared to spend a pretty penny.


The Royal Hawaiian Hotel 

This was the stop I was looking forward to the most (due to the color of the hotel haha)! Let me tell you, it is a gorgeous hotel! Not only is it primarily decorated in pink, but it also contains a ton of Hawaiian heritage relics and decorations. It has the perfect setups if you want to relax under a beach umbrella, lounge on the beach, or hang out on their outside porches and restaurants. If I were to go to Honolulu again I would definitely stay here!

PS- Check out this straw bag and others on my Summer Straw “It” Bags post!


Dole Plantation

A popular tourist spot that is worth visiting. There are a lot of activities for all ages. The Pineapple Express Tour gives you a tour of the entire plantation. There is a food court with tons of food and candy options, pineapple maze, and gardens to lounge in. Don’t forget to try the Dole Whip!


Waikiki Beach

This is tourism central!  If you’re looking for a calm and quiet beach this is definitely not for you. Most of the popular hotels are located along this strip and have back areas that lead you straight onto the beach. Great location if you want to be around shops and restaurants.


Coffee Shop 831

A sweet little shop that is perfect for coffee and breakfast. The staff was very attentive and nice, always checking in to see if we needed anything. We ordered a smoothie, breakfast sandwich, acai papaya bowl, and their specialty coffee.


Moena Cafe 

We came across this place after snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.  Great breakfast place! Their menu offers a great variety. They are most commonly known for their huge pancakes so be ready to grub.  It’s a popular brunch spot so there may be a wait to get seated.


Leonard’s Bakery

If a fried donut and a beignet had a love child, it would be a malasada!  They have a variety of flavors and fillings but the cinnamon sugar one was my favorite. So yummy!


Other Places I Visited

Hanauma BayPearl Harbor Memorial / Waimea Falls / Aloha Table / Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck / Paradise Cove Lua

Feel free to comment below with any other fun places you have visited in O’ahu!

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