Italy Trip ’18- Rome

Ciao Everyone! After procrastinating on it for ages, I am finally sharing my summer trip to Italy (it’s a Christmas miracle!) So I decided to start with the first and last stop of our trip- Rome!


The city of Rome is filled with so much history, culture, and carbs. Many MANY carbs. In order to maximize our time and make sure we got to visit all the [food] places we wanted,  we did extensive research and reached out to friends who had previously visited Rome. We were able to compile a great list of recommendations but for the most part, we went with the flow of the day and leisurely stopped by neighborhoods and monuments that caught our eye.


For our hotel, we chose Terrazza Marco Antonio. The hotel was absolutely lovely and spacious. Both rooms had terraces where you can lounge around on while you overlook gardens and streets of Rome. The staff was super friendly and brought us breakfast to our room every morning. It was also walking distance from all the major attractions which honestly was our initial selling point. Would highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting!




The first full day we were there we were a bit jet lagged and woke up before the sun rose. Thankfully that worked perfectly in our touristic favor. We ventured out right at sunrise and headed towards the Trevi Fountain hoping to snag some crowd-less pictures. We were met with two surprises- 1. There were already a ton of tourists there (& the sun wasn’t even up yet!) 2. The fountain was closed for construction so we couldn’t get near (you can sadly see in my pictures below). Trust me, the blogger in me thought about jumping the barricade but there were two police cars stationed by them to ensure that didn’t happen. It was a bit of bummer since this was my most coveted Rome attraction to visit but we made it work.  




We continued to roam the quiet streets and eventually made our way to the Spanish Steps, another spot that was already thriving with people (& might I add a lot of couples taking romantic engagement pictures). I had my little Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday moment (minus the gelato). We climbed to the top of the stairs and watched the sun rise above the City of Love.




We headed back to our hotel to freshen up and have breakfast on our room terrace. Later, we made our way towards The Colosseum. It’s quite an incredible sight that’s full of monumental history. I would definitely recommend booking your tickets in advance for the earliest time slot because it gets very crowded and hard to navigate.


97FB50D8-1FC6-4D0B-9C3F-63A61853C106 (1).jpg


We continued to stroll around nearby neighborhoods, popping in cafes and local shops. We made sure to snag up some gelato and pass by the Patheon




040E0A70-67FD-4B8D-BFF2-BBE50857C2AE (1).jpg

Later in the evening, we had lunch at La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. I would recommend the carbonara, so delicious & creamy! 



For dinner, we went to Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina and dined in the cellar portion of the restaurant. I had the best wine of my life and my boyfriend had the best pasta ever so needless to say we highly recommend this place!


25F22A0F-1B52-4DAF-8E69-87100BF86001 (1).jpg

Overall, Rome was a wonderful city to visit and check off my bucket list. I wouldn’t say it was my favorite city of our Italy trip (hint- my favorite city of the trip involves the coast!) but I wouldn’t mind visiting once again and continue exploring the splendor of The Eternal City.


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