Italy Trip ’18- Positano

Ciao Bella! The Italy chronicles continue and today I am sharing all about our time at Positano!


Positano, and the Amalfi Coast, in general, had not previously been on my radar for travel places. It was my boyfriend that suggested we venture there during our Italy trip. Once I started looking more into it, I realized this was going to be one of my all-time favorite travel spots and boy was I right!


If you’re looking into traveling to the Amalfi Coast, be prepared to pay a pretty penny. The transportation and housing were the most extensive out of our Italy trip. If you’re not traveling in a large group and traveling by bus, you have to take a car service/ taxi from the Naples train station to the Coast. That alone was over 100 euros each way. But honestly, it was the best transportation experience ever. We booked in advance so our driver was waiting for us at the train station. He was exceptionally kind and helpful. He was an Amalfi Coast local so he pointed out all the different cities and gave us tips on how to get around. He also called our hotel a couple of minutes before we arrived so that we would be greeted and helped with our luggage right when we got there. Would 100% recommend getting a car service!


We were also debating whether to stay at an Airbnb and save a little bit of money or pay a little extra and stay at a hotel. We ultimately decided to stay at a hotel and so we booked our two nights at Hotel Conca D’Oro. One of the reasons we decided to do so was because of our luggage. I reached out to some blogger friends who had traveled to the Amalfi Coast before and all of them said that lugging around luggage to get to their Airbnb was extremely difficult because of the countless stairs and hills.  I know the luggage issue seems a little silly, but trust me when I say were we beyond glad we didn’t have to carry it up a dozen flight of stairs!



Another reason we decided to stay at a hotel was so we could book a room with a view. If you’ve ever looked into Positano you will notice that the views are unbelievable. Every morning before sunrise and evening at sunset we sat out on our balcony took in the splendor of the Positano views. Those picturesque moments were truly like no other- I highly suggest booking a room with an ocean-side view!


Our first evening there we got all dressed and had a wonderful dinner at Next2. This restaurant is very trendy and chic in comparison to the other mom and pop places around it. We sat outside, enjoyed our yummy dishes and wine, and watched the sunset. After dinner, we ventured out for some gelato and headed back to our hotel so we could be well rested for our next day.



The following day we watched the sunrise from our bedroom balcony, had a delightful breakfast on our hotel terrace, and then ventured out to the main Positano beach. We made a few mini stops along the way, popping in shops and taking pictures of the gorgeous scenery- many many pictures. Every corner was so colorful and quaint.



But the best pictures were yet to come. The views from the main beach are that of a dream. The blue umbrellas and chairs, the pebbly sand, and the colorful buildings atop the Positano hills- just incredible! We rented a beach chair and just enjoyed our morning lounging and enjoying the sun. I often times find myself jam packing my vacations with activities in order to not feel like I’m missing out on any part of the city’s experience. But relaxing on the beach not worrying about anything but the moment felt truly serene.




We later enjoyed a pleasant lunch facing the beach at Le Tre Sorelle Positano. After that, we made our way back to our hotel to freshen up and get ready for our one of a kind dinner plans.

My boyfriend had a little surprise planned for us and booked us a cooking class Hotel Buca di Bacco. I had always wanted to take a cooking class and what better place than in Italy with Italian chefs! We received aprons and chefs hats upon arrival and got right into business. The staff did an exceptional job of explaining all the ingredients and how the level of freshness was key in these recipes.  The menu we cooked included eggplant parmesan, Margherita pizza, pesto gnocchi, and chocolate cake. After cooking the meals, the staff brought out all our amazing dishes and we dined with all the other couples in the class. It was great being able to enjoy a home (or in this case restaurant kitchen) cooked meal with a bunch of strangers and just converse about random topics. It was one of my favorite trip experiences of all time!



After dinner, we headed back to our hotel discovered that there was a lovely wedding reception going on. We sat on our balcony eating pizza, listening to the music coming from the wedding, and admiring the twinkling lights of boats floating atop the nighttime sea. It was the most perfect way to end our time at Positano.


Positano is one of my all-time favorite cities. It’s a great place to honeymoon or visit if you want a truly relaxing time. Next time we visit, I would love to explore more cities along the Amalfi Coast and take a boat ride out to sea. But overall, it was the most charming and romantic city of our Italy trip- can’t wait to come back!

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