The “I Do” Series: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

It still seems surreal that Curtis and I are planning our wedding! Since we both have strong planner personalities, we wanted to get the ball rolling on everything wedding related right away.

I am happy to announce that we have officially booked our venue! We will be having an intimate destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast on September 19, 2020. 

So for the first post in my “I Do” series, I wanted to focus on the most important part when planning your wedding- choosing a venue.

Here are some tips when looking for your perfect wedding venue:


Money talk can be a very sensitive subject, but it’s a necessity when planning a wedding. Curtis and I are paying for our wedding ourselves so we sat down, talked about what we both could contribute financially, and agreed on a total we both felt comfortable with. Be honest with each other, talk about what areas you want to financially prioritize and how you can collectively budget.

Choosing a Date

What came first, the date or venue? Just like the classic chicken and egg question, there is no right answer. Although our dream venue was the first thing we had in mind, I found that choosing a date was the second wedding aspect we had to solidify. This allowed us to request wedding venue information with a specific date rather than just asking a venue when for a season or month availability. Unless a specific date is an absolute must for you, it can come in handy to have some flexibility should the venue you are looking at already has your date booked. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing a specific date focus on the topics that matter most to you and your fiancé. Does a particular season speak to you? Do you find an anniversary or date that has a special meaning? In our case, we chose September because we had been to the Amalfi Coast during that month and found the weather to be exactly what we wanted. We also found September is post-tourism season which means fights are less expensive for our guests. 


Budget, theme, and season- these are the 3 most important things to consider when choosing the location of your wedding venue. Your budget is extremely important because it can make or break the location. Venues in certain cities and areas can be a lot more pricer than others.  Also, if you know that traveling might become a financial burden for your family, then having a destination wedding might not be the best idea. 

Your theme should also come into play when choosing your location. If you envision a rustic, barn theme then start by looking at venues that offer that. Most venues can work with whatever theme you have in mind but it’s something to consider if you have a specific vision for your ceremony and reception. 

Season is also a key factor. Winter weddings can look extremely different from summer weddings due to seasonal temperatures and sceneries. What are you envisioning for your big day? That lush green garden may look very different in a season other than spring. 

Guest List 

From day one, Curtis and I knew that we wanted a small, intimate wedding. I come from a big Hispanic family that has 200-500 people weddings in massive venues. Although these types of weddings can be a blast, I knew that route wasn’t for me. The bigger your guest list, the more expensive your reception and catering can get. If having a big wedding is what you want, make sure you inquire that your venues can work with your guest list. 

What Matters Most  

When making major decisions for a wedding, such as choosing a venue, you can often forget what matters most to you and your partner. If you prefer an intimate wedding don’t allow family and friends to pressure you into having a huge one. Everyone has an opinion and sadly sometimes they aren’t always what you were hoping for. But try not to let any outside stress cloud the decisions you and your fiancé want to make. It’s YOUR wedding- make it what YOU want. Things have a way of working out exactly the way they’re supposed to, so just trust the process and always remember that at the end of your day it’s about marrying the love of your life! 

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