Amsterdam Travel Guide


I am so excited to finally be sharing our Amsterdam guide from our trip this last spring! Curtis and I have loved our past Amsterdam trips so we jumped at the opportunity to visit again. We have actually discussed how great it would be if we could work and live there for a couple of years once we’re married (a couple can dream right?)

Although we were there in May, it was actually a lot cooler than we had anticipated. There was some light rain and clouds here and there but overall it was pleasant exploring weather. Below are all the fun places we visited during our 3 days in Amsterdam! 


Where We Stayed 

The Hoxton 



Curtis was the one that did the research and found this boutique hotel. The downstairs part is a restaurant and bar that was always bustling with a hip crowd.  Although our room was a tad bit small, everything was very well put together and we had a perfect view of the canals. Great service and such a friendly, young staff. Upon hearing that we had been recently engaged, they created the sweetest handmade guide with fun places for us to eat at and visit. The sweetest! 



Where We Explored 

Damrak De Utrecht


One of the most popular photo spots in Amsterdam! This row of colorful houses embodies the unique architecture and charm that Amsterdam has to offer. 

Staalmeestersbrug Love Lock Bridge

 IMG_2787.JPG IMG_2768.JPG

Another great photo spot for those of you looking to bless your Instagram. This classic Dutch drawbridge is filled with locks that lovers leave behind. 


Wildernis Plant Store

Curtis had been yearning to go to this plant shop for months and it did not disappoint! They have a seating area where you can relax and enjoy the greenery all around. 

Keukenhof Gardens

FAB20D30-96CE-412D-AD53-9E20137D8A90.JPG IMG_2933.JPG

IMG_3256 2.JPG

Let me start off by saying, this was quite an experience! By now you all have caught a glimpse of these surreal tulip fields. Rows upon rows upon rows of colorful tulips. So when I discovered that our trip coincided with the 4 weeks out of the entire year that they are blooming, I jumped on the opportunity and booked us tickets. The trip to these fields are about an hour drive from central Amsterdam, so our Uber ran on the pricier side (80 Euros each way). Although it was a sunny day, the weather was very chilly with a brisk constant wind so walking around was not as enjoyable as we would have hoped. After about 30 minutes into wandering around the grounds looking for the dear tulips, we came across the most heartbreaking discovery… ALL of the tulips had been CUT DOWN. All that was left were the rows of green leaves. I was so upset because I had done extensive research to make sure we were within the proper blooming time. Apparently, they had just cut all the tulips DAYS before, but for obvious reasons did not list that on the site so that tourists would still come and pay the entrance fee. They had tiny little garden tulips patches still on display so we had to settle for that. To make matters worse, it started pouring so we took that as a sign that it was time to leave. To be honest I was very upset by this experience because I was really looking forward to it and spent so much money getting there. But later I reminded myself that not every part of a trip goes as planned and that’s okay! 


Where We Ate



This was our first food stop on our trip. I was really excited to visit this place because I had read great reviews and seen cute pictures but to be honest, it was a bit of a letdown. They offer a lot of healthy brunch items including pastries and fresh juices but the service was lacking. The staff seemed very aloof and weren’t very welcoming (maybe we just came on an off day?) It’s still an Instagramy place if you want to grab a quick to go snack, but I would not suggest the place for dining in. 



IMG_2646.JPG IMG_2649.JPG

I must admit, I was “influenced” to-go this dessert shop since I had seen it pop up on so many blogger feeds. Cue the most Instagrammable (& tasty) strawberries in the world! 

MaMa Kelly


I was very excited to visit Mama Kelly for the obvious reasons (pink on pink on pink). It’s located on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the Olympic Stadium, which seems a bit of an odd choice for such a restaurant. The interior is a blogger’s jackpot! I was a bit worried about the food but it was surprisingly quite delicious.  I had their specialty chicken and a side of fries but did think that the menu was a tad bit overpriced. A fun place to visit if you’re looking for trendy and Instagrammable vibes but I wouldn’t suggest it for a date night.  

IMG_2846.JPG  IMG_2843.JPG

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

IMG_3263 2.JPG

Stroopwafels are an absolute must when visiting Amsterdam! The perfect combo of a thin waffle with caramel filling. You can also get them with yummy toppings. 



IMG_2800.JPG IMG_2798.JPG

This place came highly recommended by our hotel staff. They said it was a place frequented and loved by locals. This cozy corner restaurant offered the perfect date night atmosphere. The pasta items, wines, and desserts we ordered off the menu were very delicious. 

Sous Bar Bistro

Another place recommended to us by our hotel staff. Such a hip and lively atmosphere. Their food and drink menu has such a great variety. We opted to share a bunch of small plates. By the end of dinner, we were so stuffed that we turned down dessert (which never happens when we’re on vacation!) Highly recommend this place but make sure you book a reservation in advance. 



Hope this guide helps you when planning your next Amsterdam trip!

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! Loved all the photos…looks charming.

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