Our Tuscany Trip


Tuscany had been on my list of places to visit for quite some time but I wanted to make sure I saved our first visit for a very special occasion. So when Curtis and I started planning our annual trip to Italy to celebrate his birthday/ wedding planning in September, I knew that this would be the perfect time to check Tuscany off our bucket list. 

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Curtis and I pride ourselves on being great trip planners, but I wanted to go the extra mile and plan something extra special in Tuscany to celebrate Curtis’s birthday. I read Julia Engel’s post about their time in Tuscany and fell in love with the place they stayed at. Just like Julia, I wanted a place that offered a lot of activities, great relaxation areas (pool, spa, gym, etc) and incredible dining options. So without further thinking, I promptly booked us the apartment suite at Borgo Pignano


Every inch of Borgo Pignano is breathtaking. We spent our first afternoon there lounging by the pool (& what a pool it is indeed!) For happy hour, we sat on their tables by the ledge sipping on Bellinis and eating local olives and cheese while overlooking the gorgeous Tuscan hills.


IMG_6275.JPG IMG_9268.JPG


The following day we explored all around the property. Their lush, lavender abundant gardens were my favorite. 


IMG_9614.JPG IMG_9611.JPG


But our favorite part was the amazing food. They offer fresh, local produce and protein that are mostly grown on the property.  For our final night, I booked us a private dining experience that included an 8-course meal in their private dining terrace that had the most picturesque view of Tuscany. By far, the most intimate and romantic dining experience we have ever experienced! 




If you’re planning on visiting Tuscany, I highly suggest going during September. The weather is perfect (the mid-70s) and there is a lot less tourism which means fewer crowds and reduced rates. 


We’ll definitely be visiting Tuscany again!  

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