Weekend in Santa Barbara



This past 3 day weekend, my fiance and I decided to go on a mini road trip and head over to beautiful Santa Barabra. So we packed our car and began our drive up along the coast. Our view consisted of stunning, hilly terrain to our right and the beautiful Pacific to our left.


IMG_2588.JPG   IMG_2590.JPG

We were very excited to book our stay at AutoCamp, a place that had been on our bucket list for a couple of months now. AutoCamp offers these mid-century Airstream trailers that give you the feel of outdoor camping (or should I say glamping.) But honestly, they were a bit of a disappointment. Although they offer many great amenities like an outdoor patio area and bikes at our disposal,  the trailers themselves felt a bit run down. If you are interested in staying at AutoCamp, my suggestion would be to try a different location such as Russian River or Yosemite.




We wanted to keep our weekend as relaxing as possible so we spent the 3 days exploring local coffee shops, restaurants, and just walking around. Here are some of the places that we visited-

If you’re from the Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara is the perfect little getaway to just relax and take a much-deserved breather!

IMG_2635.JPG   IMG_2687.JPGIMG_2786.JPG


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