Ways to Stay Active at Home


Let’s get physical!

Staying active during quarantine has been something that I’ve heavily prioritized. I made it a goal to do some form of activity/workout for at least 30 mins everyday. Although some days it can be challenging & motivation is nowhere in sight, I know that after I get myself moving, my body & mind will feel that much better!

Here are some of my favorite ways that I have been keeping active:

@corepoweryoga – They offer a wide range of free yoga classes! My favorite are 60 min YS classes that include weights & cardio

@onepeloton – We got the bike at the beginning of quarantine and have been using it a ton. I love doing 2000s 30 min throwback classes followed by a 10 arm session

@madfit.ig – She is my absolute favorite fitness gal! Love all her classes, I always feel incredible after them! I usually pair up a HIIT class, followed by legs/ booty, & finish off with abs

Zoom buddy workouts- before quarantine I used to really enjoying going to group classes. So I’ve found that scheduling a zoom workout class with friends/family has become a great replacement. Plus you get to catch up with some familiar faces!

Run/walk- Somedays I don’t feel like doing any type of physical activity but even on those days I push myself to go on a walk/run. Going outside even if it’s for 20 mins can make all the difference!

What are your favorite ways to stay active during quarantine?

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